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Latest outdoor water bottle on the market[2017/1/6]
Latest outdoor water bottle on the market,Medical grade silicon more secure....
BPA free silicone travel bottles[2017/1/5]
BPA free silicone travel bottles are sold separately in different sizes...
Safely Stored Silicone Travel Bottle[2017/1/4]
Easy to carry silicone travel bottle.Use while camping, backpacking, hiking, or foran outdoor picnic!...
silicone traver bottles To every people love traveling,everyone can securely pack their travel essentials....
Collapsible Water Bottle's Feature[2016/12/9]
Collapsible Water Bottle is either fully expanded or contracted...
Finding the Best Collapsible Water Bottles[2016/12/8]
It is a highly flexible bag with no solid parts,They are also very cheap....
Enjoy your every wonderful journey[2016/12/2]
Collapsible water bottles follow this line of thinking to their logical conclusion...
Invitation letter for Canton fair[2016/3/28]
Dear All Kean Customer, It is my pleasure to invite you to visit our booth(N0.4.2J39) from 1st to 5th May at Guangzhou Pazhou Canton fair. We will launch lots of latest design products, which must hit your market Looking forward to your coming! ...
Best Collapsible Water Bottles[2016/12/1]
If you’ve ever found yourself wishing your water bottle was a bit less bulky or easier to carry around....
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